Creating a gallery wall – Assembling the perfect arrangement

8 Sep


Don’t forget to read the first two parts of this series. Part 1: Where to buy affordable art & Part 2: Finding unique objects.

Today is the final installment of my mini blog series: creating the perfect gallery wall. Now that you’ve acquired affordable artwork and unique objects, it’s time to create the perfect arrangement on your wall. Of all the steps in this series, hanging your gallery wall is definitely the most tricky. Luckily just a little bit of planning will make the process much easier. Follow these simple steps to creating the perfect arrangement.

Step 1: Gather your supplies.

Here is a list of supplies you will need for this task:

  • Wrapping or butcher’s paper
  • Painter’s tape (because it is easily repositionable and doesn’t leave residue)
  • Electric drill and screws or nail and hammer
  • Hooks or plate hangers
  • Level
  • Pencil

Step 2: Find a large flat surface

Before you start putting holes in the wall, it’s important to pre-determine the layout. To do this, you will need a large flat surface, approximate the size of your wall, to arrange your objects on.

Step 3: Determine the perfect layout

The best way to determine the perfect layout is to move around each object until you find an arrangement that is evenly spaced. It’s important to remember to keep the layout balanced, with no one object positioned too high or low in comparison to its neighbors. Sometimes it’s helpful to visualize a particular shape (rectangle, square, triangle) or horizontal line and then cluster the artwork so it’s spread out evenly and consistently.

Step 4: Trace each object on paper

Once you have determined the layout, trace each object on kraft or wrapping paper. Then hang the paper cut-outs on the wall in your pre-determined layout, making adjustment accordingly.

Step 5: Hang the artwork

Now that you have taped the layout on the wall, hang the real artwork over the paper replicas. Use your level to make sure the artwork is straight. Then remove the paper. Need a visual of this process? You may remember this picture from a former blog post.


And that’s it! You now own a beautifully curated and expertly hung gallery wall.



Best of the Week – September 5, 2014

5 Sep


Happy Friday everyone! I’ve compiled some particularly good reads for you this week. Enjoy! 

On Monday I will tour Highclere Castle (aka Downton Abbey). I’m so excited I could burst! I think I’ve watched the season 5 trailer about a dozen times.

Fashion industry bets that skinny-jean trend is over. Will dressy sweatpants really replace our skinnies? I think not.

This video compilation of ALS Ice Bucket Challenge bloopers is hysterical! Although I’m fearful some people may actually have gotten seriously hurt! Be careful everyone! As the video proves, dumping cold water over your head is not foolproof.

10 dos and don’t’s for a simpler life. #2 & #5 are great tips!

Why FOMO and YOLO are keeping you from getting rich. And while you’re at your therapy session, consider adding MOMO to your list of neuroses.

13 ways to clean your whole house with citrus. I love natural alternatives to conventional (and often toxic!) cleaning products.

The skin cream ingredients you should never mix and match

And speaking of fashion, I’ve decided to finally try and create a capsule wardrobe. Here are two great resources: capsule planner and capsule shopping tips.

These balsa wood candle holders are so cool and unique.  Adding this DIY project to my list.

Why college freshmen need to major in LinkedIn. Totally agree. I’m shocked when I meet business professionals that don’t have a profile.

One of my favorite books is now a movie. Check out the suspenseful trailer for Before I Go To Sleep.

Love this driftwood heart DIY tutorial. Now I have a purpose for all those beach objects I’ve collected over the years.

When you get a moment, make sure to check out my recent post:



P.S. RIP Joan Rivers. If you haven’t already, make sure to watch the documentary on her life. It is fascinating.