Time Capsule

11 Nov

Starting this blog is another big moment in an already life changing year. In June, I married a handsome Brit named James in the beautiful seaside town of Positano in Italy. Now that we are settled as a happily married couple (and free of wedding madness), I have decided to pull the trigger on a goal I’ve had for a long time: start creating a footprint in the creative world. And this blog will be my first step.

To commemorate this moment (and to help you get to know me better) I decided to post a digital time capsule to mark where I was when I started this journey.

So what’s in my time capsule? Here’s a list of things I love that inspire me, spark my creativity or just make me happy:

Sources: Andi (Boots, magazines, tabletop and Pinterest screen shot); Positano photo (Francese Photography); Burts Bees; Censationalgirl; Prosecco (Wine & Dine)

  1. UK décor magazines – I travel to the UK quite a bit now that I’m married to a Brit and always make sure to pick up copies of my favorites – Ideal Home, Living, etc., and Style at Home (amongst others). I love to see the many ways Europeans modernize their old and historic spaces.
  2. My Pinterest pin boards – Pinterest is fantastic. The site is incredibly inspiring and sparks my creativity at every turn. I know it sounds bold, but I simply can’t imagine life without it!
  3. Bottle of Prosecco – Prosecco became my drink of choice during my last two trips to Italy. It’s wonderful to drink on its own, or I add it to cocktails.
  4. Riding boots – Riding boots are my all time favorite footwear because they are truly timeless. I know that if I were to actually put my favorite riding boots in a time capsule today, they would be just a chic and current 25 years from now.
  5. Centsationalgirl.com blog – As newlyweds, my husband and I are in the process of decorating our first place as a married couple. Centsationalgirl has been inspiring and helpful as we update and replace our hand-me-down pieces.
  6. Positano wedding pictures – The landscape, color and scenery of the Amalfi coast is beautiful and inspiring.  It’s also a reminder that if you have the vision and the support of people in your life, you can really achieve anything, even if it is pretty unbelievable.
  7. Burts Bees Lip Balm – I’m addicted to Burts Bees and its lip cooling sensation. I have tubes stashed all around my house and make sure to have several with me on vacation for fear I may be somewhere foreign where they don’t sell it.
  8. Sex and the City DVD box set – At least once of year I watch all six seasons plus the movie (the first one, not SATC 2 – yuck!). To this day I still get excited by all the fashion risks those women took and wish I was as daring.

And there you have it – eight items that I don’t think I could live without! 😉 I hope you feel like you know me a little better.

What items would be in your time capsule?

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