Crazy for Cameos

11 Mar

I have always had a love for cameos. Aside from pearls, they are some of the most feminine, beautiful and timeless pieces of jewelry a woman can own. Last year, I picked up the below pair of cameo earrings from…wait for it… Forever 21. I fell in love with them immediately and thought the fake rhinestone bling around the edges put a modern and fresh twist on the classic silhouettes. If you ask anyone, I wear these earrings nearly everyday (I think cameos may be becoming part of my signature look). And I still can’t believe they cost under five bucks! Side note: One of the characters of the hit show “Girls” wore these earrings in the series’ first episode!

Recently, I was shopping on Etsy and stumbled upon the jewelry shop Nest Pretty Things. Tamar, the jewelry designer, has some of the most beautiful and colorful pieces in her shop – I literally wanted everything. And as luck would have it, amongst all the spring colors where these beautiful black and gold cameo earrings. New Cameo Earrings
Now I’m a bit OCD about mixing metals so I tend not to wear my normal cameos when I am wearing gold. So, I have been searching for a pair to wear when my outfit lends itself more to gold jewelry. And you guessed it, when I saw the above cameos, I snatched them up in two seconds flat. A couple days later, this cute little package was in my mail box!

Do you have a favorite piece of jewelry you wear all the time?

xoxo, Andi

3 Responses to “Crazy for Cameos”

  1. cynthiamurdoch March 11, 2013 at 8:23 pm #

    One of my good friends has her mother’s cameo broach – from England no less! She wore it for her wedding and now it has become a tradition. My friend’s daughter was just married in August – the broach attended (something old).

    • allputtogether March 11, 2013 at 10:27 pm #

      What a great tradition! I love stories like this. I’m not sure my cheap knockoffs will last, however I just may have to get them remade one day!

  2. Laura Wilmes March 12, 2013 at 12:10 pm #

    I love this idea and would love to hear what other jewelry favorites your readers have. I love to layer my silver bracelets.