Decorating with Billy Balls

15 Jul


I have a new favorite flower (husband take note!). Lately, I’ve been seeing these adorable round yellow balls in flower arrangements, however never knew their name. Thanks to Jen Kim, a new blogger friend I met at Alt NYC, I learned they are in fact called (wait for it, this has to be the cutest name for a flower ever) – Billy Balls! Their technical name is Craspedia. Jen used the flowers as an accent in some of her recent flower arrangements and I fell instantly in love. I called a nearby florist and as luck would have it, the shop’s flower delivery person was coming that day and could drop some off at the store for me! 🙂

Although I’ve mostly seen them used as an accent in floral arrangements, they look quite whimsical on their own. I just love when they are tucked into thin neck vase, which is why I  arranged my five specimens in a blue glass bottle I bought at a local rummage sale for just 25 cents.

Now as much as I love them, Billy Balls drop yellow pollen everywhere! Which is why I am considering DIYing some using these great tutorials:

Have you ever bought Billy Balls? Do you think they’re cute or kinda silly?



4 Responses to “Decorating with Billy Balls”

  1. Jen Kim July 15, 2013 at 1:24 pm #

    SO fun! very cool that you found them so quickly. love your arrangement and now i want to make some of the felt ones in PINK 🙂

    • allputtogether July 15, 2013 at 1:29 pm #

      Thanks! Yes, I totally thought it would take a few calls to find them. The felt ones are so cute – I can’t wait to make some in every color!

  2. Kate July 15, 2013 at 4:12 pm #

    These Billy Balls are so fun! I had no idea that was what they were called. I seriously want to create a center piece to use them in it as an accent. I also love the felt ones, you should totally DIY some!

  3. Linda Shafer July 16, 2013 at 8:29 pm #

    They are very cute, the color is so true, love them too!