Best of the Week

14 Jun

best of the week june 13 2014

Did something crazy and bought this crop top and these high waisted shorts from Zara. Each piece is MUCH cuter in person. Seriously – who is styling these models?!

Glad to learn that many of history’s greatest minds needed a goodnights sleep just like me. I simply cannot function on less than seven hours!

My in-laws have a bunch of old leather remnents just waiting to be used for something crafty. Maybe I should try one of these 12 great leather DIY projects.

How often do you ask for what you want?

I used to think the 80s were the worst fashion decade, until this article reminded me that the 90s were terrible!

How to make money blogging – really great tips for anyone looking to supplement their income with their online activities.

These Target shopping tips blow my mind!

Do you have a great idea, but find it hard to act on it? Here are some great tips for turning inspiration into action?

Why you should consider work that is “below” you.

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To all the dads out there – Happy Father’s Day!!



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