8 Gift Ideas for Graduates

16 Jun

8 gift and present ideas for graduates

Graduating from college is a huge accomplishment. Four years of hard work and experiences culminating in one of the most expensive pieces of paper you’ll ever own. It’s been nearly ten years since I graduated from college, yet I can remember my graduation like it was yesterday. The cap I painstakingly badazzled, a celebration dinner with my family and bar hopping with my fellow grads.

Like every major milestone, graduating from college deserves a special gift to commemorate the achievement. Tired of giving boring ol’ cash? Here are 10 unique gift ideas for college graduates:

LinkedIn Premium account – Help your grad grow their digital Rolodex by offering to pay for a premium account on LinkedIn. What’s LinkedIn? It’s only the most important networking and career website for business professionals!

Drybar gift certificate – Looking professional is key to being taken seriously in the workplace. Ensure your grad makes a great first impression by giving a gift certificate for a professional blowout.

Business card holder – Getting your first business cards is an exciting milestone for any graduate. However, nothing looks more unprofessional than giving a new connection a crumpled business card from the bottom of a purse or pocket. Help your grad keep their cards crisp and clean by gifting a professional business card holder.

Laptop bag – Don’t let your grad carry their belongings to the office in a dingy backpack. Consider gifting a professional laptop bag that will match their business attire.

Business subscription – Keep your grad informed by purchasing a gift subscription to well-known business publication like the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, or Forbes magazine.

Appointment with a financial planner – Credit card debt, student loans, company 401Ks. Help your graduate get financially secure right out of college by offering to pay for a session with a financial planner.

Office organizers – Most workplaces provide employees with minimal or mismatched office supplies at best. Ensure your graduate has the cleanest and best decorated cubicle by gifting a matching set of desk organizers.

Weekend getaway – The final year of college can be one of the most stressful and sleep deprived years of a person’s life. Give your graduate a break by gifting a weekend away before they start the daily grind.

What was your favorite gift when you graduated from college?



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