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20 Jun

best of the week june 20 2014

Saturday (tomorrow) I will be wearing a big hat and attending Royal Ascot in the UK! Follow me on Instagram for all the exciting moments!

I’m not usually one for reality TV, however I just started watching the Bravo show Ladies of London. The differences between Americans and Brits are endlessly fascinating to me.

Booked a trip to Istanbul, Turkey this summer. Have you been? I’m looking for tips and must see attractions.

I love quinoa and eat it nearly every week for lunch. I must try this breakfast recipe. I would have never thought to boil quinoa in almond milk.

Thanks to social media, it’s hard not to compare your life to others. Here are some great tips for avoiding the comparison trap.

This floral ice bucket cooler is stunning. Consider making one of these beauties for your next party.

How top fashion bloggers are making millions. I’d be happy just covering my hosting costs!

Design*Sponge has some of the best travel guides. Check out this 24-hour travel guide to one of my favorite cities – Portland, Oregon. 

Good news for all my gluten-free friends. It looks like the movement is here to stay. 

I love the texture of woven wall hangings. Here’s a great tutorial for making your own loom.

15 common decorating mistakes. Hanging pictures too high is my biggest pet peeve!

Botanical prints are timeless. Here’s a great resource for historic artwork you can print and frame for your home.

For bloggers: 7 interesting/innovative blog post ideas you haven’t seen a million times.

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  1. Al Wilmes June 20, 2014 at 4:03 pm #

    Have fun in Istanbul! Also, while at the bar the other night I noticed that some of the breweries have really cool looking tap handles. I feel like there is potential to make an interesting piece of artwork using them but I can’t figure how to make it work. Do you have any ideas?