Best of the Week

25 Jul

Best of the Week 20

Happy Friday everyone! Below are some great reads and life tidbits from the past week. 

Earlier this week Good Housekeeping featured my apartment balcony on their site. I literally squealed in delight when I read the article.

I’m a bit obsessed with this Ella Eyre song right now.

12 etiquette tips for today’s workplace. Number 6 and 7 are some of my biggest workplace pet peeves.

These yarn embroidered baskets are adorable. I’m definitely adding this easy tutorial to my craft list.

12 awesome free fonts for your design projects.

For those of us looking to do something different. How to overcome any career change obstacle.

10 Super Chic Monogram DIY Projects For Your Home. I’m pretty sure the monogram box project is in my future!

I’m crazy about the idea of printing pictures on wood. Example here. Order here.

Getting hacked sucks. Here are some tools for backing up your blog or website.

10 unique ingredients you should add to your morning smoothies.

I’ve never been one to style my hair in a braid, but after watching this video, I kind of wanna give it a try.

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One Response to “Best of the Week”

  1. Laura July 30, 2014 at 2:05 pm #

    Andi, so many great tips this week! Thanks!