Decorate your Desktop: You’re Better than you Think

28 Jul

free inspirational desktop computer wallpaper

Who’s the most critical person I know? I’ll give you a hint, her name starts with the letter A. Yup, you guessed correctly – it’s me. Like everyone, my inner critic tends to be the biggest naysayer I know. It’s mouthy, impatient and hard to please. Which is maddening when you’re trying new things – particularly creative endeavors which often require a bit of trial and error.

So in hopes of dampening the voice of my inner critic. Because let’s be fair, to silence it wouldn’t be sensible. The inner voice does serve a purpose – it’s often what pushes us to do our very best. I have decided to create confidence boosting desktop wallpaper.

So if you need a little encouragement, feel free to download it here.



Image credit: Folkert Gorter,
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