Decorating with Modern Embroidery (4 ways to get it right!)

3 Sep

decorating with embroidery

Stitching and weaving is really having a moment in home decor. Whether it’s reimagining the 70s macrame wall hanging or modernizing the cross stitch. I love how these classic hobbies are experiencing a resurgence and appreciation.

I’ve always loved needlepoint and embroidery, so I couldn’t wait to incorporate this trend in my decor. Lucky for me, I found this lovely framed cross stitch at a cute little art shop over the holiday weekend. I fell in love with the simple graphic pattern and the black floss on the white background gives it a modern edge.

Interested in decorating with embroidery? Here are four ways to keep this trend modern and chic.

Choose a contemporary design or pattern

via CheeseBeforeBedtime

via Innocent Bones

Monograms are always chic

via HooplaStitch

via Gracy Design and Craft

via Not So Modern Millie

Skip the antique cross-stitch sampler…unless it looks like this!

via Satsuma Street

Keep the framing simple

via MR Studio London

via Gracy Design and Craft

I bet you never thought cross-stitch and embroidery could look so chic and modern! Which one is your favorite?




One Response to “Decorating with Modern Embroidery (4 ways to get it right!)”

  1. Laura September 5, 2014 at 12:49 am #

    YES! Embroidery is back!