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4 easy tips for wearing red lipstick

21 Jul

4 tips for wearing red lipstick

There is nothing sexier than a bold red lip. It provides instant confidence, glamour and femininity. A woman’s version of the red power tie. Makeup is a surprising ancient tradition and red lips particularly have been around for thousands of years. Although it tends to pop in and out of style and favor, red lipstick has certainly been experiencing a resurgence in recent years. And it’s not just starlets turning heads with cherry lips, everyday women have decided to add this classic beauty staple to their makeup arsenal.

Although I wear makeup everyday, I’ve never been known to be very adventurous with my color choices, usually sticking to neutrals. Boring! The only time I adopt anything new is when I get my makeup done professionally for an event and feel obligated to purchase the items used on my face.

A few months ago, when I was getting my makeup applied for a wedding, I finally got up the courage to ask for a red lip. Like many women, I wasn’t confident in picking a color on my own, afraid I’d end up looking trampy rather than glam. Luckily my makeup artist found the perfect shade of red: Estee Lauder’s Rebellious Rose. And I must say, I’m now hooked. I’ve changed my entire makeup routine to accommodate my new lipstick color. And unsurprising, my bold red lips definitely give me a boost with each swipe of the applicator.

Are you afraid of red lipstick? Here are four helpful tips for wearing red lips:

Have a professional choose the color: There are dozens of shades of red, which can make choosing the right color tricky. Makeup artists and department store beauty consultants are trained to choose the right color palette to match your skin tone, so let them do the work for you. You’ll not only have a professional stamp of approval, but you’ll also avoid bringing home a dozen wrong shades, saving you time and money.

Wear the color around the house: When you first put on red lipstick, it can look awfully bright and/or harsh, especially if your everyday makeup routine consists of a nude lip. Rather than rub it off straight away convinced it’s just too “much,” wear it around the house for a few hours. You’d be surprised how quickly you’ll get used to the bold color.

Tone down your eyes and cheeks: Because red lips are such a statement, it’s important to keep the rest of your face more neutral. That means toning down your eye makeup and cheek color. If you don’t, you run the risk of looking like tramp. A nude eye and minimal blush/bronzer will help balance your bold lips.

Choose the appropriate time to wear it: I’m a firm believer that red lips can be worn everyday (I certainly do!), however there are certain instances when wearing bold lipstick colors just looks silly or out-of-place, like when you’re at the gym or doing most outdoor activities.

Do you wear red lipstick? What’s your favorite brand and color?



What is age appropriate?

10 Feb

It’s happening – I’m getting older. I have gray hair at my temples, store music is too loud, I hate being called ma’am, I often wonder “did I sound that dumb at age X?” and I try Jedi-mindtricking every bartender into checking my ID. I recently turned 30 and I’m not sure I like it. Now I know what you’re thinking, “oh Andi, you’re still so young…!” And you’re right, however it’s weird to think that my 20s are now permanently in the rear-view mirror.

As we all get older, we’re plagued with thoughts on age appropriateness; how we dress, style our hair, act, etc. Thoughts like:

  • Can I still shop at Forever 21? At what age should I stop?
  • When should I stop wearing my hair long? Will I ever let it go gray?
  • Are leggings acceptable at any age? (I know, I know many think leggings are NEVER pants, however I’m on Team Pants!)
  • Can I still drunk dial my friends?
  • When do I switch from a bikini to a one piece?
  • Should I only be listening to NPR?
  • Can I say things like, “OMG” or is slang only for 20-somethings who watch Girls?

What constitutes age appropriateness changes wildly generation after generation. What my mom or grandma thought was age appropriate has in many cases been totally turned on it head. We are now able to dress and act younger, for longer.

So how do I decide what behavior is too young or old? Here are my three guideline:

If Jennifer Aniston would wear it, then I can too. For better or worse, I tend to take many fashion and beauty cues from Hollywood; if Jennifer Aniston can still wear short shorts and long hair well into her 40s, I can too! (That is of course only if my legs stay nice like hers…) The best part about looking to Hollywood for guidance – society tends to be brutally honest when it comes to evaluating aging stars. So if you’re curious to see how your friends and family my react to your new red lipstick, hair extensions or skinny jeans, spend some time on tabloid websites and see how the stars fared doing the exact same thing.

What would Europeans do? Every time I travel to Europe, I’m always amazed how unconcerned Europeans seem to be with aging. Even grandmas wear bikinis, tight clothes and short skirts, regardless if they have chubby thighs, flabby arms or saggy skin. Their “people age, so get over it” and “I wear what I want” attitude is admirable; and a mindset I hope to adopt as I age.

Copy the person who seems to be having the most fun at [X] age. I’m always amazed how quick some people are to act and look older. I refuse to be one of these people. Being mature and responsible doesn’t mean you need to act or look older than your given age. My aging heroes are those that are feisty and young at heart; individuals that are still up for fun and a little adventure, even though they may not move or look as youthful as they once did.

What are your thoughts on age appropriateness? Any fashion trends or behaviors you think should be retired as you age?