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8 Gift Ideas for Graduates

16 Jun

8 gift and present ideas for graduates

Graduating from college is a huge accomplishment. Four years of hard work and experiences culminating in one of the most expensive pieces of paper you’ll ever own. It’s been nearly ten years since I graduated from college, yet I can remember my graduation like it was yesterday. The cap I painstakingly badazzled, a celebration dinner with my family and bar hopping with my fellow grads.

Like every major milestone, graduating from college deserves a special gift to commemorate the achievement. Tired of giving boring ol’ cash? Here are 10 unique gift ideas for college graduates:

LinkedIn Premium account – Help your grad grow their digital Rolodex by offering to pay for a premium account on LinkedIn. What’s LinkedIn? It’s only the most important networking and career website for business professionals!

Drybar gift certificate – Looking professional is key to being taken seriously in the workplace. Ensure your grad makes a great first impression by giving a gift certificate for a professional blowout.

Business card holder – Getting your first business cards is an exciting milestone for any graduate. However, nothing looks more unprofessional than giving a new connection a crumpled business card from the bottom of a purse or pocket. Help your grad keep their cards crisp and clean by gifting a professional business card holder.

Laptop bag – Don’t let your grad carry their belongings to the office in a dingy backpack. Consider gifting a professional laptop bag that will match their business attire.

Business subscription – Keep your grad informed by purchasing a gift subscription to well-known business publication like the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, or Forbes magazine.

Appointment with a financial planner – Credit card debt, student loans, company 401Ks. Help your graduate get financially secure right out of college by offering to pay for a session with a financial planner.

Office organizers – Most workplaces provide employees with minimal or mismatched office supplies at best. Ensure your graduate has the cleanest and best decorated cubicle by gifting a matching set of desk organizers.

Weekend getaway – The final year of college can be one of the most stressful and sleep deprived years of a person’s life. Give your graduate a break by gifting a weekend away before they start the daily grind.

What was your favorite gift when you graduated from college?



Decorating with Shredded Paper

18 Mar

Things to do with Shredded Paper

If you read a lot of design magazines like me, then you’re probably fighting a serious magazine hoarding problem. I have a really hard time parting with any of my magazines, especially my old Dominos and the magazines my mother-in-law brings home special from the UK. It’s no secret I love to craft with magazine clippings – creating artsy collages and moodboards for design inspiration. So even though I have a legitimate excuse to stockpile them, I’m always looking for another fun craft that uses cut magazine pages.

Last week I was shopping for Easter basket filler and was underwhelmed by the selection. I’m not a huge fan of pastels, so needless to say, nothing appealed to me. It wasn’t until I was shredding some documents at that week that it dawned on me – I can make my own Easter basket filler with a paper shredder and old magazines! So one day on lunch, I got busy shredding. The shredded paper was really quite pretty and inspired me to find other ways to use it. Here are three great ways to turn your old magazines into chic accessories:

1. Create a unique piece of collage art

This project was really easy and inexpensive. I decided to create a diagonal stripe, however there is an infinite number of pattern options. I think a chevron pattern could be really interesting too. The collage artwork turned out great and was really graphic and colorful. Materials: Shredded magazines, canvas, Mod Podge, paint brush, acrylic paint.

2. Decorate a table with paper confetti for a festive and colorful look

It can be difficult to come up with interesting items to use when decorating a table. Shredded paper is graphic, colorful and adds a festive touch to any tablescape.

3. Swap out tissue paper for an interesting gift box filler

Gift wrapping accessories can really drive up the cost of a gift. Shredded paper is free and is a cute surprise for the gift receiver.

What would you do with shredded paper?

xoxo, Andi