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7 Awesome Internet Freebies – Get them now!

24 Sep

Who doesn’t love a freebie. I’m pretty sure it’s ingrained in our DNA. Lucky for us, there are lots of generous folks and companies giving you access to quality goods and services at zero cost. Hooray for the Internet!

Font Squirrel
Font Squirrel is a graphic designers best friend. The site features hundreds of high quality fonts, all free for commercial use. I’ve downloaded dozens of freebies for my design projects. Some of my favorites are: Pacifico (the font for my logo) and Quicksand.

It’s no secret I’m in love with this site (I included it in my recent roundup of free graphic design resources). I now use it as my primary tool for creating web ready graphics for my blog and social media accounts. If you’re struggling to create professional looking graphics for your site, definitely give this tool a try.

Cards Against Humanity
Not for the faint of heart, Cards Against Humanity is an adult version of Apples to Apples. It’s great fun and often times downright hysterical. However it’s best not to play it with mixed company, i.e. Grandma, your boss, etc. Bless the creators for making this fun game free. Simply download the file and print.

Online Magazines
Two of my favorite magazines are available online: Matchbook Magazine and London’s Stylist Magazine. If you’re not already reading these two publications, then add them to your must read list. You’ll also find some additional great online reads in my sidebar. Save a few trees and read online.

I’m actually not sure what people did before Evernote. I use it to take notes for work, plan blog posts, clip interesting articles from the web and create to do lists. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. This online tool is really powerful and is used by millions of professionals to stay organized. If you’re struggling with keeping your digital life all in one place, this tool is for you.

Exercise Videos
Why pay big bucks to attend an exercise class when you can watch professionally taught exercise videos online. Who doesn’t love getting fit for free in the comfort of your own home? Sites like YouTube or FitSugar have tons of great, fat-blasting routines to watch.

This free file transfer tool is incredibly useful for both business and personal use. I’ve used it to share vacation photos with family members and to send large design files to my developer. Whatever your file sharing needs, the free 2GB allotment is just right for most transfers.

What are some of your favorite Internet freebies?



Skip the journal and start a logbook

7 Jul

logbook journal

Last year my parents moved across the country. Before they left, I was forced to go through a dozen or so “keepsake” boxes kicking around in their basement. I learned two valuable lessons during this process: 1. humans have a tendency to keep way too many things and 2. my favorite keepsakes were the school notes I received from friends that described what we’d been up to all those years ago.

Now I have never been one for journaling or keeping a diary. I’ve always felt so silly writing down my feelings. I have attempted it a few times and luckily managed to capture some important life moments, like my first kiss. But that was pretty much the last time I put anything down on paper.

I got the idea of starting a logbook when I was reading the book, The Happiness Project. Like me, the author wasn’t quite the journaling type either, however she understood the importance of recording memories for posterity.

So what exactly is a logbook and how does it differ from journaling? A logbook is a great way to keep a record of your life without the pressure of writing a long, feelings-driven diary entry.  Similar to how a scientist may record an experiment, each day (or as often as you want), jot down a few bullet points, the who, what, where details. No life tidbit is too small – it’s all about capturing life on a daily basis.

Need some help figuring out what’s worth recording? Here are some writing prompts:

  • Things you’re grateful for that day
  • What you ate – describe the meal, restaurant, who you shared your meal with
  • Where you traveled – errands, day trips, vacations
  • Interesting purchases
  • Funny family moments
  • First impressions of people, places or experiences
  • What you’re reading, watching or listening to
  • Projects or hobbies
  • Important milestones – new car, graduation, lost tooth, etc.
  • Current events
  • Creative ideas

Here are a few other topics to consider recording.

It’s surprising how in a few years time, these seemingly mundane details will paint a very accurate picture of your daily life.

Because keeping a logbook is meant to be fun, pick up some supplies like colorful pens, washi tape, stickers, date stamp, etc. to help customize your pages. You could also tape in a few instagram photos. And don’t forget the most important part of starting a logbook – picking out the perfect notebook. My logbook, a beautiful journal from Paperchase, was a gift from my mom. I love the thick blank pages that are just begging for some doodles. For a great purse-sized logbook, consider purchasing the classic Moleskine leather-bound journal. It comes in a variety of fun colors.

Still not sold on the idea of a logbook? Consider starting one of these five life-changing journals. You could also purchase one of those popular “one question a day” books that poses a question each day, ranging from thought provoking to basics like what you ate that day.

Do you keep a journal or logbook? How often do you write down your memories?