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Technically Speaking: Étagère

25 Jan

Technically Speaking Etagere

via Pinacle Etagere by Drexel Heritage

Definition: An étagère is an open, backless shelving unit that is used to display a collection of objects.

An étagère is a fantastic piece of furniture that can be traced back to 19th-century France. Because the shelves are open, the piece provides a tremendous amount of decorative interest, without a lot of visual weight. An étagère also functions well as a room divider.

Collecting and displaying decorative objects is an important (and fun) part of decorating, adding character, visual interest and warmth to a space. I particularly love the challenge of arranging items in my home. I get such a thrill when I finally find the perfect spot for the things I love. Decorative objects are only as useful as the furniture to display them, which is why I wanted to highlight the étagère.

Below are some great rooms featuring étagères.

Technically Speaking: Succulents

25 Jun

Definition: Succulent plants are water-retaining plants adapted to arid climates.

Do you suffer from a brown thumb? If so, succulents might be the plants for you. Because they are indigenous to desert-like climates, succulents are very easy to care for, tolerating poor soil, little watering and full sun or light shade.

Lately, I’ve been fascinated by succulent plants. They come in such beautiful shades of greens and purples. They are also incredibly sculptural. I especially love when these plants are used in living wall art, wreaths, terrariums or center pieces.

Succulents are sold at your local nursery, farmer’s market or online. Etsy shop Succulents Galore have some incredible plants and arrangements. Some of the shop’s pictures are featured below.

via Succulents Galore

via Succulents Galore

via Succulents Galore

via Succulents Galore

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via Succulents Galore

via Succulents Galore

Happy gardening!

xoxo, Andi