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Technically Speaking: Chesterfield Sofa

6 Jun

via Neiman Marcus

Definition: A Chesterfield is a deep buttoned sofa, usually made from leather, with arms and back of the same height.

Chesterfield sofas have been around for centuries – it is believed that the first Chesterfield was commissioned by Phillip Stanhope, the 4th Earl of Chesterfield sometime during the time period from 1694-1773.

I love button tufted furniture – we have three pieces in our living room right now (couch, accent chairs). I’ve always liked Chesterfields, but thought they were a bit too heavy and masculine for my taste. It wasn’t until I was doing research for this post that I realized all the fantastic ways this traditional couch has been re-imagined to fit nearly any decorating scheme. I am in love with the different colors and textiles these classic pieces now wear.
via Apartment Therapy

via Living Etc.

via Living Etc.

via Ideal Home Rose & Gray

via Apartment Therapy

So what do you think of the new spin on the original Chesterfield? Do you like the mix of colors and patterns or prefer the classic leather?

Technically Speaking: Chambray

1 Mar

I’ve always loved the classic nature of a Chambray shirt, but until recently, never knew what the fabric was called. For the uninformed like me, Chambray is a fine lightweight fabric with interwoven white and colored (typically blue) threads.

via Anthropologie

Chambray garments have come along way from the shapeless shirts men have been sporting for centuries – Chambray dates all the way back to 1500s France and has been a popular fabric with workmen, military personnel and even prisoners.

Updated silhouettes have given this fabric new life and below are some Chambray styling ideas that are chic, versatile and more importantly current.

via J Crew, Banana Republic, Forever 21, J Crew, Nordstrom, Piperlime, Bloomingdale’s, Piperlime

My favorite Chambray pairing is with dark denim jeans. Years ago, I would have never dreamed of mixing such similar fabrics as denim and Chambray, but the mix of dark and light blues looks incredibly chic and purposeful. Although Chambray is typically considered a spring/summer fabric, pairing it with dark denim extends the outfit to all seasons.

What do you pair Chambray with? Do you wear it all year round?