4 Job Search Tips to Help You Land Your Next Gig

30 Oct

Job hunting can be stressful. However, the more prepared you are for the process, the more apt you are to find your dream job quickly and easily. Not sure how to stand out to recruiters? Follow these four great job search tips to make sure you get that offer.

Update your LinkedIn profile

One of the first things a recruiter does is search for a candidate’s profile on LinkedIn, making LinkedIn an extension of your resume. Before you start your next job search, make sure to complete each of these action items:

  • Upload a professional looking headshot
  • Make sure your experience, titles and dates match your resume
  • Write a well written summary (this the online version of the classic “tell me about yourself” interview question)
  • Ask for endorsements and written recommendations from your connections

Consider adopting a modern resume template

Some competitive job posts receive hundreds of resumes, which is why it’s so important that your resume design catches the recruiter’s eye. Color, unique formatting and graphic elements can help pique interest, making sure your resume actually gets read. Just remember not to compromise content for design. You still need to make sure that your experience and skills are explained sufficiently.

Not a graphic designer? Consider buying a template from CreativeMarket. The designs are inexpensive and easy to customize.

Tip: Not everyone has the same fonts on their computers, so if you choose a unique typeface, send the resume as a PDF. It also doesn’t hurt to have a plain text version on hand in case the company needs to run the resume through a keyword search program.

Develop answers to common interview questions

I’ve interviewed quite a few candidates during my career and am always amazed by how many people don’t have a well thought out answer to common interview questions like “tell me about yourself” or “why do you want to leave your current position?” Before you start interviewing, consider writing brief responses to some of the most common questions and review your answers before your interview.

Tip: Master these 15 interview questions.

Always follow-up after the interview

Unless the recruiter advises otherwise, it’s crucial to follow-up after an interview. And what better way to stay top of mind than to send a personalized thank-you note reiterating your interest in the position. This small step only takes a few minutes and helps demonstrates to the hiring manager that you have great business etiquette.

How did you land your current job? Do you have any great job search tips?



7 fun ways to decorate a pumpkin this fall

15 Oct

7 fun ways to decorate a pumpkin

When I was little, decorating a pumpkin involved just two tools – a knife and your bare hands. Fast forward 30 years and now this fall tradition requires an entire arsenal of tools, from electric drills for precision cutting, to metal studs for no-carve flair. A simple search on Pinterest returns hundreds of fun ideas to enhance your front porch and wow trick-or-treaters. Are your carving skills nonexistent? Consider trying one of these  7 fun ways to decorate a pumpkin:

Cover the pumpkin with sequins

Source: Sugar and ClothPhoto by Jared Smith

Wrap the pumpkin in fishnet panty hose

pantyhose pumpkin young house love

Source: Young House Love

Paint the pumpkin a color that matches your decor

Source: Chatelaine

Turn your pumpkin into a spooky animal

sunset blackcat-cats-pumpkin

Source: Sunset

Go rocker chic by adding metal studs

Source: Cuckoo4Design

Use a power drill to precision cut your pumpkin

parents magazine pumpkin decorating tool the power drill

Source: Parents Magazine

Embellish your pumpkin with ribbon and fabric

pumpkin-decorating-ribbon midwest living

Source: Midwest Living

What fun ways are you decorating your pumpkins this season?