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Around the House – Home Tour

5 Mar

My husband and I have been in our apartment for nearly a year and have made some progress decorating. As I mentioned previously, up until our current apartment, we owned mostly hand-me-downs or furniture my mom found for free. It sure has been nice purchasing and DIYing pieces that finally fit within our design aesthetic. Building an affordable home from scratch takes time. I’ve often found that it’s better to wait until you find the right piece rather than purchase something that will “just do for now.” Although I often get impatient with the parts of our home that are unfinished, we have made great strides and I’m excited to share bits of our place with you today. The below pictures are of our living room, dining room and entryway. I will also point out some of my favorite pieces.

Living Room + Entryway

Living Room

It is no secret that I seem to have an affinity for ladder shelves (I have two sets!). They were the perfect solution to fill the large wall in our apartment.


I know I have already shared this space with you but I had to include it in the home tour. I think it very well could be the part of the house I’m most proud of.

 Dining Room and Work Station

My favorite pieces in this space are the Lucite bucket chairs from Ikea (they are so comfortable!). Because our apartment is small, I decided to select chairs that didn’t have a lot of visual weight, yet were still interesting. I also love the big ampersand sign I found at HomeGoods. Ohh and that strange looking plant – a chocolate tree. My husband dreams of one day making his own chocolate.


This vignette has one of my favorite wedding presents – an antique camel saddle. Sometimes when wedding guests buy outside the registry it can be a disaster, however this was one of the rare instances that we ended up with a unique and fantastic piece.

Occasional Chair

This chair is part of a pair my mom found at the local Salvation Army. The low profile fits in perfectly with our decor which tips a bit toward mid-century.

Living Room

What part of your home are you most proud of? Are you frustrated like me when the decorating process seems to move at a snail’s pace?

Thanks for touring!



Dear Andi – Advice on how to fill a large living room wall

30 Jul

Recently, I received an email from an All Put Together reader named Jamie asking for some suggestions on a design dilemma we all can relate to – how to fill that impossibly large wall in a home. Jamie’s wall is painted a beautiful slate blue and features a really awesome silhouette of a squid. The theme for her living room: sea monster.

Below are three ideas I came up with to help her fill the giant wall. I tried to stay true to her design aesthetic which is more minimalist.

Reading vignette:
Jamie is an avid reader, so it seemed natural to suggest a cozy reading space. The vignette features a neutral accent chair, rope wrapped occasional table, tripod floor lamp and framed artwork. In selecting each piece, I wanted to maintain somewhat of an “explorer” feel.

Ladder bookshelf:
I’m a huge fan of Crate and Barrel’s Sloane (ladder) bookshelves – I actually have these in my home. Because these shelves are fairly shallow and open, they will fill up the space without looking too bulky. Also, the juxtaposition of the free flowing squid next to the structured book shelf creates a nice balance on the wall. Jamie can fill the shelves with lots of great accessories and artwork.

Fishing net:
I wanted to suggest one out of the box idea – a fishing net. A loosely hung brown, tightly woven fishing net keeps with the sea monster theme and offers great texture on the wall. Jamie could pin photos and artwork to the fishing net using wooden clothes pins, making sure the artwork is light so the net doesn’t sag. This option would also look great in a beach house.

There are lots of ways to fill a large, empty wall. Here are few other options:

  • Gallery wall: Whether it’s a structured grid (like in my post here) or an organic collection of artwork, gallery walls are a fantastic way to show off your beautiful art collection while at the same time filling the space. Don’t be afraid to mix in some unexpected items, such as animal busts, decorative plates or sculptural elements.
  • Oversized art: In some cases it might make sense to just go big with one statement piece of artwork, whether it’s an oversized photo, painting, tapestry or something sculptural. I have one large wall in my dining room that I was struggling to fill. I found a super-sized ampersand (&) at HomeGoods and that has just enough impact to fill the space adequately.
  • Custom woodworking: Custom woodworking and molding can be a great design option to create visual interest and texture,  while still maintaining a clean and uncluttered feel. Here is a great example by fellow blogger Nancy Marcus.

Do you have a design dilemma too? I would love to help out! Feel free to email me at allputtogetherinfo@gmail.com.

xoxo, Andi